Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Try

Howdy folks,
Alex here.

I deiced to try out this blogger thingy and post some cool stuff. I'm a huge fan of mountain bike racing and go to almost every race in the South East. I live in Brevard North Carolina and ride in the mountains of the Pisgah National Forest. I'm a huge fan of the area and the riders who can tear it up there. Some of the best are Chris Herndon, Wes Dickson, Tristan Cowie, Marshal Hartley, Chris Bennett, and Matt St. Marie. There are many more who hang out at the local shop, Sycamore Cycles. It is the best in the area.

I figured that I could start off this blog with a Pro-Bike spec from the very best: the King Of Pisgah himself, Wes Dickson. Wes is a Brevard area native and has been ripping it up for several years on the regional circuit. He's been out to Cali for the Sea Otter Classic a couple of times as well. Wes is the man to beat on any bike. Although Tristan Cowie can give him a run for his money, Wes is the guy to bet on day in and day out.

Here is one of his mighty steeds, the S-Works carbon hard tail. He has a pretty normal set up, the suspension is always balanced and he hardly ever changes his set up for different course, preferring to grip it and rip it.

Basic set up again. Wheels and rims come from the Sycamore team sponsor Industry Nine. This is an older picture with his previous tires on. Wes along with the rest of the team is rolling on Specialized rubber this year and they all seem to be very happy with the choice. Tristan is still testing different treads but Wes seems to be set on the Fast Track LK for hard pack courses and the Sauserwind for wet conditions. Wes is a huge fan of SRAM components and it again shows with the team being sponsored by the Chicago based company. He runs a full SRAM drive train with the various exceptions in the crank which is the new Specialized crank. His steering control comes from the a Cane Creek headset another team sponsor. For the past two years Wes has been running a size large frame but this year he has used a smaller size for both his hard tail and full suspension bike. He likes the smaller feel and quicker handling bikes. Tristan on the other hand, although a similar build he rides a larger bike with "standard" length stems. Wes's bike is a healthy 20.5 pounds with the set up in the picture, for racing he uses different tires and wheels which drop the weight a bit more.

Anyway, enjoy and I should have some more reports coming soon.
Alex exits.

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